Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is often used to address physical and mental ailments, and to support mental clarity and general spiritual well-being. The Japanese words “rei” and “ki” refer to “guided life-force energy.” A Reiki treatment consists of a practitioner channeling life force energy through his or her hands. This energy raises awareness in and around the body and causes negative energy, such as stress, anxiety, sadness, confusion, or physical pain to clear away.

Reiki Treatment: During the treatment you will lie on your back, fully clothed while the practitioner lays hands above or on the body (touch is not necessary). Reiki restores harmony to the body when there is an imbalance in the vital energy. The practitioner has been attuned and trained to allow healing energies to flow directly to the receiver, and specifically to the area of concern. The receiver allows this proximity to influence his/her own energies, releasing anything that is blocked or imbalanced. The receiver simply needs to allow the treatment, whether or not s/he believes in in the effectiveness of Reiki.

Distance Reiki: At an appointed time, the recipient of treatment will find a place to recline and relax while the practitioner delivers the session from a remote location. Reiki has been shown to be as effective in a remote treatment as in person. You may only give a distance session as a gift with the explicit permission of the recipient.